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The story of Pietro's Pizza starts with a man named Filippo Tarantino. Born in 1915 and raised in Italy, Filippo began working as a baker at the age of 10 in the small town of Porticello, Sicily. When he married his wife Dorotea in 1951, Filippo looked for opportunities to support his family. He immigrated to America in 1959 where he began working for local bakeries working long hours shifts day after day to support his family. In 1973, Filippo opened Pietro's Pizza in Bay View, naming it after his father and his son Pietro. Filippo, a hard working man, passed away in 1999 at the age of 84; leaving behing his recipes to his children. To this day, Pietro's Pizza still uses Filippo's techniques. From our hand tossed pizza dough to our homemade sauce recipe, Pietro

s Pizza uses only the finest and freshest ingredients possible to provide you with a delicious takeout or delivery dining experience.


Pietro's Pizza; you're local choice since 1973

Pietro's Pizza & Our Story

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